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Disaronno Married To Scotch For New Premium Whisky Liqueur Offering

By Nino Marchetti / December 16, 2014

disaronno-riservaDisaronno is known to spirits fans as an Italian liqueur that’s amaretto flavored and something best characterized on the taste buds as having hints of sweetness and almond. It is typically considered an after dinner drink and, as brands go, has seen little change in its bottled offerings. That’s about to change though via an infusion of Scotch into a new premium blended product known as Disaronno Riserva.

Disaronno Riserva, which will price around €300 ($375 USD), is described as marrying the base Disaronno product with a young blended Scotch whisky base from the Highlands and Speyside to create a new unique liqueur. It is then matured in ex-Florio marsala wine casks in Sicily, Italy for six months and it is said, according to The Moodie Report, that the aging location’s “proximity to the sea, combined with the temperature and the humidity, creates optimum conditions for the ageing process.”

What’s resulted from this interesting whisky liqueur experiment is a 40% ABV bottling that offers “notes of vanilla, almonds and fruit with a peppery, dried fruit and madeira finish.” There was no immediate word of when it would be available, only that it would be appearing “in select domestic markets with prestige retailers, as well as in global duty free.”