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Direct To Consumer Spirits Club Flaviar Debuts Very Peated Blended Scotch

By Nino Marchetti / March 5, 2019

Flaviar is something of a success story when it comes to figuring out how to connect consumers in many cases with direct to shipments of spirits they curate for their membership. Whisk(e)y is one particular spirit they find particular good luck with, and  now they’ve unveiled a second go around of a popular peated Scotch they call Son of Peat.

Flaviar Son of Peat Batch 02, according to those behind it, is a peated, blended Scotch whisky that’s said to have a bit more maturity and sherry richness compared to the first release, which is sold out. What you’ve got here is a whisky with components from unnamed distilleries in the Islay, Islands, Speyside and Highlands regions of Scotland. It is said nine single malts are in this blend, with an age of up to 20 years in the mix, and that the cask types for these whiskies included hogsheads, sherry butts and ex-bourbon casks.

Flaviar Son of Peat Batch 02

Flaviar Son of Peat Batch 02 (image via Flaviar)

“Years of analyzing data and customer reviews on our platform has helped us understand what a perfect peated malt is for our members, and also what someone new to peated whisky, would enjoy as their first experience of a peated Scotch,” said Grisa Soba, co-founder of Flaviar, in a prepared statement. “With Son of a Peat we’ve been able to satisfy both camps, those that have already fallen for peat and those just starting to explore the peated Scotch world.

“We took our time in creating Batch 02 as it is important to follow up with a dram just as commanding and complex as Batch 01 and which pays serious homage to the peat. As part of our mission to democratize the spirits world – given demand is expected to be high, we’re selling via a lottery system, so every member gets the same chance at scoring a bottle or three at a decent price.”

Plans call for 2,000 bottles, bottled 47.2% ABV, to be made available through a lottery system, as mentioned above. The price point is around $65, and you’ll find official tasting notes below for your consideration.

On the palate, there are the usual suspects, peat and smoke with notions of seaweed that take you back to the Scottish shores. Quickly now, the sweetness of sherry and honeysuckle step forward and clear the smoke, but just for a bit, until the journey continues towards more earthy, oaky and woody flavor nuances. The finish is buttery and long-lasting.