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Diageo’s Orphan Barrel’s Latest Is Another Old Scotch Whisky

The Orphan Barrel brand from Diageo was born some years ago as a showcasing of out of the way barrels the spirit giant would bring to light as rare and typically older bottlings from its aging warehouses. For a good time the focus was solely on older American whiskeys, but last year this seemingly changed somewhat as a Scotch single malt from the former Pittyvaich distillery was unveiled. A year or so later, and now another Orphan Barrel from Scotland has been released.

The new Orphan Barrel Muckety-Muck, according to those behind it, is a 24 year old Scotch single grain whisky from the former Port Dundas distillery. Port Dundas was once a part of the Glasgow, Scotland distilling scene but its doors where shuttered over a decade ago after having first been established two centuries prior.

Orphan Barrel Muckety-Muck

Orphan Barrel Muckety-Muck (image via Diageo)

With regards to the name Muckety-Muck, the brand explained that Port Dundas was “home to a piggery during the distillery’s most successful years. Legend has it that hundreds of pigs fed on distillery draff, and the prized pig Muckety-Muck won over passersby with his decorated wall of medals in the breeding shed. Muckety-Muck 24 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky from the Port Dundas Distillery is a tribute to this whimsical pig and Port Dundas’ prosperous period as Scotland’s largest distillery.

“Six variations of the bottle label are available, with Muckety-Muck himself proudly boasting a Scottish tartan sash in either red, green, blue, gray, yellow or orange. This limited edition whisky and caricature are a tribute to traditional Scottish culture and Port Dundas’ spirit animal: the pig.”

Plans call for this whisky, bottled at 45% ABV, to be available as a limited edition offering at select spirits retailers nationwide for around $225 per 750 ml bottle. Official tasting notes suggest “aromas of caramel and notes of baked sugar backed by the taste of crisp fruit and light toasted oak. The fruit forward flavor is blended with hints of butterscotch vanilla which carry through to the finish.”

As a side note, it is unknown at this point what plans Diageo seems to have with Orphan Barrel in regards to the brand’s original focus on American whiskeys. Given this is the second offering in a row of a whisky from Scotland, and also that it has been a year since the last release from a label that once pumped out several bottlings annually, one has to wonder if perhaps the older domestic stuff has finally run its course. Time will tell.


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