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Diageo Releases Its Latest Distillers Edition Scotch Single Malts

Diageo North America recently announced the launch of its newest Distillers Edition bottlings in the U.S.

A statement from the spirits giant noted that this is an annual release of limited-edition single malt Scotch whiskies that are double matured in different types of cask wood, chosen to complement the characteristics of each mature whisky.

This year’s Distillers Edition collection features six whiskies from Scotch distilleries throughout Scotland’s various regions – the Islands, Speyside, the Highlands and the Lowlands.

Diageo Distillers Edition 2023
Diageo North America recently announced the launch of its newest Distillers Edition bottlings in the U.S. (image via Diageo)

The whiskies come from Lagavulin, Talisker, Cragganmore, Oban, Dalwhinnie and Glenkinchie.

Only one batch of each whisky is made a year. The latest collection takes this into account, featuring a new label design for each malt which incorporates elements representative of each distillery and its core expressions.

Since 1997, the Distillers Edition liquids are enhanced by the double maturation process. The second maturation takes place in batches, using individually prepared casks that have held a specially selected fortified wine.

“We’re proud to introduce the latest Distillers Edition line-up, a collection created to celebrate some of Diageo’s finest single malt Scotch whiskies and their distilleries,” said Hannah Todd, director of single malt whiskies portfolio at Diageo. “The collection has a long history dedicated to its aging process and craftsmanship, making it the perfect gift to commemorate special moments with.”

All six Distillers Edition bottlings are now available in the U.S. in liquor stores and online from A closer look at the editions from Diageo:

Oban Distillers Edition
The Oban, delicately paired with Montilla Fino-seasoned casks for a sweet creamy-smooth enhancement to the fruity and salty Oban style.

Core Offering: Oban 14 Year Old. ABV: 43%. SRP: $95.

Talisker Distillers Edition
The Talisker paired with Amoroso-seasoned casks that impart a rounded and luscious, fruity sweetness, complementing the familiar crisp, dry peat-smoke and pepperiness.

Core Offering: Talisker 10 Year Old. ABV: 45.8%. SRP: $85.

Lagavulin Distillers Edition
The Lagavulin, in which the rich sweetness from Pedro Ximenez-seasoned casks is integrated with the crescendo of dark smokiness, salt and oak-spice.

Core Offering: Lagavulin 16 Year Old. ABV: 43%. SRP: $125.

Cragganmore Distillers Edition
The Cragganmore with port-seasoned casks that build sweet wine and fruity complexity, balanced with oaky vanilla spices and a hint of cocoa.

Core Offering: Cragganmore 12 Year Old.  ABV: 40%. SRP: $85.

Dalwhinnie Distillers Edition
The Dalwhinnie, in which satisfying hints of tropical fruits and peppery spices blend seamlessly with warm nuts and honey using Oloroso-seasoned casks.

Core Offering: Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old. ABV: 43%. SRP: $90.

Glenkinchie Distillers Edition
The Glenkinchie is finished in Amontillado-seasoned casks. Striking a balance between light grape sweetness and warming wood-spice with hints of rich dried fruits.

Core Offering: Glenkinchie 12 Year Old. ABV: 43%. SRP: $85.

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