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David Beckham’s Haig Club Whisky Comes To American Scotch Lovers

Editor’s Note: The Whiskey Wash editorial team welcomes Tony Mazelin to our writing team!

Earlier last year saw the international debut of Haig Club, a new single grain malt whisky in a fancy bottle that had the major celebrity backing of the likes of former soccer star David Beckham. Now Beckham, in partnership with spirits giant Diageo and its House of Haig operation that is said to be one of the oldest grain distillers in Scotland, is bringing this Scotch to American shores.

Diageo HAIG CLUB Glass Product

Haig Club, according to those behind it, is made at the oldest grain distillery in Scotland, the Cameronbridge. It is drawn from mature whisky from refill, American oak and rejuvenated casks that are blended together by master distiller Chris Clark. This is said to create a spirit that has “a fresh, clean style showcasing butterscotch-smooth tropical fruit and unexpected, spicy backing harmonies.”

The 750 ml bottle the whisky comes in is a striking blue color that both draws upon a history of bottles produced by Haig as well as paying homage to “the tradition of blenders using blue tasting glasses so reviewers of the spirit are not influenced by color and can review on aroma and taste alone.”

Haig Club prices for around $70.

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