Dalmore Distillery Wants $24,000+ For New 45 Year Old Scotch

Dalmore 45 Year OldThe Dalmore distillery has always been known for putting out heavy hitter Scotch that typically prices well into the stratosphere. One of its latest releases is no exception to this rule, as this new 45-year-old limited edition expression is pricing for around SGD$31,888 ($24,000+).

The Dalmore 45 year old, of which only 30 bottles have been released, is available exclusively at DFS travel retail outlets in Asia. It was drawn from casks laid down in 1967-69 and finished in “Matusalem Sherry from the world renowned Gonzalez Byass bodega, as well as vintage port.”

Tasting notes for this exclusive release from the distillery indicate a whisky that’s the color of “glittering mahogany gold” having hints of “mulled wine and ginger figs on the nose” that leads into, on the palate, tastes of “roasted walnuts, espresso coffee and sweet plums.”