Bruichladdich Debuts New Port Charlotte Cask Exploration Bottling

Port Charlotte PMC:01 is the latest release in the whisky’s Cask Exploration series from Bruichladdich.

A statement from the distiller notes that this heavily peated single malt Scotch clocks in at 54.5% ABV, and was initially matured in first-fill bourbon barrels for four years. It was later matured for five years in Pomerol red wine casks.

Port Charlotte makers explained that this is the first time the single malt’s been matured in Pomerol casks.

Port Charlotte PMC-01

Port Charlotte PMC:01 is the latest release in the whisky’s Cask Exploration series from Bruichladdich. (image via Bruichladdich)

Pomerol is a small wine-making region in Bordeaux’s Right Bank, and those wines are known for their deep color and ripe plum flavors.

In the statement, the distiller noted that much like Pomerol, Port Charlotte single malt also speaks of its place of origin. The whisky is distilled, matured and bottled solely on Islay.

The distiller’s notes for Port Charlotte PMC:01 shows that it’s significantly influenced by the fruit-laden oak of the Pomerol casks, as well as the salty maritime note of its Islay maturation.

Adam Hannett, Bruichladdich’s head distiller, said, “We believe in creating whiskies that speak of where they are from. When our distillery was resurrected in 2001, our founders were in disbelief about the stark disconnect between our raw ingredient and the industry’s lack of consideration to where it was grown, who grew it and how. But we’ve changed that.”

Hannett explained that terroir is imperative to the flavor of their single malts.

“Port Charlotte PMC:01 is a great example of a whisky which truly links flavor to land. The result is a rich and robust single malt which brings together two very distinct locales; balancing the succulent fruit notes of the Pomerol casks with Islay’s mellow marine quality and signature peat smoke,” he added.

Port Charlotte PMC:01 is now available from the distillery website and specialist retailers, and has a suggested retail price of £110.

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