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Bowmore Vaults Series Whisky, Ultra Rare, Commands £35,000 Price Tag

Introducing the final whisky in its Vaults Series, Islay’s Bowmore Distillery is offering an “ultra rare” single malt from 1969 to those whisky enthusiasts looking for some of the rarest liquid on the market.

The Vaults Series whisky is the last in the 50-year-old series, named the Bowmore 1969, and it joins the 2021 releases of Bowmore 30-year-old and Bowmore 40-year-old.

David Turner, Bowmore’s distillery manager, said in a prepared statement, “These exquisite, aged and rare launches are a credit to the Bowmore portfolio and continue to drive our desire to produce highly revered products. We have been able to showcase how vital time is to each individual vintage, how time spent in casks shape and influences each spirit, making it even more characterful. Each release tells the rich stories of Bowmore, but importantly has their own unique style and character.”

Bowmore 1969
Bowmore 1969 (image via Bowmore)

The Bowmore 1969 follows the 1965, 1966 and 1964 releases. The distiller noted that this rare single malt was nurtured more than five decades where a defining character emerged, becoming increasingly richer as fruit and smoke flavors remained constant.

Bowmore 1969 has a suggested retail price of £35,000, and is limited to only 339 bottles.

In comparison, The Bowmore 30-year-old was bottled in 2020 from two vintage 1989 casks, aged 30 years in Sherry hogsheads and bourbon barrels. With 2,976 bottles available globally, Bowmore 30-year-old has a suggested price of £2,000.

Bowmore 40-year-old was the 2021 annual limited release that saw a limited run of 159 bottles globally. It retails for £6,750.

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