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Bowmore Unloads Trio Of New Scotch Whiskies Into Travel Outlets

By Nino Marchetti / April 16, 2014

The Bowmore distillery has been on a bit of a tear recently with new releases, and now three more bottlings announced for travel retail are joining this mix. Said to draw inspiration from “distinctive natural elements” of Islay, where Bowmore heralds from, all three should be available at duty free outlets worldwide. 

The three new Bowmore whiskies –  Black Rock (40% ABV), Gold Reef (43% ABV) and 17 Year Old White Sands (43% ABV) – all come in 1-liter bottlings and price for around  £45, £60 and £80, respectively. More information on each, per the distillery, is presented below.


Bowmore Black Rock

The Bowmore Black Rock, an incredibly rich single malt, shines as the star of this distinguished travel retail range.  The regal name is inspired from the jaggy outcrop that is distinctly visible in the Bowmore’s bay, a prominent form that rises majestically above Loch Indaal. Just as nature’s robust power has sculpted the Islay’s Black Rock, the beauty of nature has similarly helped shape the single malt whisky to its current stature.  Matured in predominately ex-Spanish sherry casks, the decadence of the dark amber Black Rock lies in its delicate balance of peat smoke, treacle toffee and orange.  At the very first encounter, one can expect a welcoming whiff of classic Bowmore smokiness infused with a wonderful concoction of raisins, pepper, cocoa beans and burnt orange.

On the eye: Dark amber.

Breathe in: Smoke infused with raisins, pepper, warm cocoa beans and burnt orange.

Sip: Rich sherry and pear smoke followed by blackcurrant, treacle toffee and cinnamon spice.

Savour: Beautifully balanced peat smoke and sea salt.

Bowmore Gold Reef

Bowmore Gold Reef captures in one bottle, the captivating golden glow of the sun’s rays reflected off the coral seabed – a picturesque sight of glorious hues that local divers off the coast of Islay would find endearingly familiar.  Matured predominately in 1st fill Bourbon casks married with sherry casks, the satisfyingly smooth malt treats the privileged drinker to a tasteful symphony of vanilla, zesty citrus fruits and sea salt.

On the eye: Bright gold.

Breathe in: Vanilla, coconut milk, delicious baked peach, oranges and lemons.

Sip: Tangy peat, pineapple, juicy mango and kiwi fruit tempered by sea salt and olive oil.

Savour: The long, honeyed, zesty finish.

Bowmore 17 Year Old White Sands

White Sands, the pièce de résistance of the range pays homage to the stunning beaches of The Big Strand and Laggan Bay, just south of Bowmore. As the name suggests, this seven miles stretch of coast is a beautiful portrait of the most pristine white sands created naturally by the ebb and flow of time.  Matured for seventeen long years in the finest ex-Bourbon casks, this is the Bowmore Distillery Manager’s personal favourite. This luscious bottle of warm antique gold offers a harmonious aroma of rich treacle toffee and ripe fruits neatly bound together by warm peat smoke.

On the eye: Warm antique gold.

Breathe in: Light peat smoke, rich treacle toffee and ripe exotic fruits.

Sip: Creamy toffee and malty sweetness, together with a delicious warm smokiness.

Savour: The incredibly smooth, warm and comforting finish.