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Bladnoch Set To Launch Smoky Alinta To Its Classic Collection

The Bladnoch Distillery has added to its “Classic Collection” of Lowland Single Malt whiskies with Alinta, the first peated whisky to be added to their range since the 200-year-old distillery was taken over by David Prior in 2015.

“Alinta,” an indigenous Australian word, translates to “fire and flames,” and the distiller chose the title as this single malt whisky conjures what’s described as notes of a campfire in every dram.

Bladnoch’s Master Distiller Nick Savage said Alinta is the first peated expression from Bladnoch within their core range and will become an established part of their ongoing whisky releases. This batch clocks in at 47% ABV.

Bladnoch Alinta
Bladnoch Alinta (image via Bladnoch)

“This expression utilizes PX Sherry and ex-bourbon casks combined together with a sweet smoky peated spirit, and sets Alinta apart from anything previously released by Bladnoch,” Savage said in a prepared statement. “Focusing on a very small annual peat production campaign, only a small volume will ever be bottled. The exquisite combination of the PX sherry and bourbon casks give Alinta an amazing balance of rich raisin-like sweetness and smoky campfire.”

Alinta is available on Bladnoch’s website and in the Bladnoch Visitor Center, and will be sold around the world through Bladnoch’s network of distributors in the coming months. The new whisky has a suggested retail price of £79.95.

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