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Bladnoch Distillery Announces Its 2021 Single Cask Scotch Whisky Collection

Bladnoch Distillery out of Scotland recently announced it is set to release its annual Single Cask Collection, consisting of six single casks hand-selected by Master Distiller Dr. Nick Savage.

Featured in this year’s collection one will find cask types such as Palo Cortado Sherry, Port Pipe and Amontillado Sherry, with an additional 6th cask, a grand ex-Canasta Butt that is one of only a few to exist in Bladnoch’s bluestone warehouses. This single cask will be differentiated by a luxurious all-black bottle presentation. Distilled in 2002, this single malt displays notes of liquorice sticks, delicate florals and almonds on the palate, according to official tasting notes.

“The 2021 Single Cask Collection once again allows us to demonstrate the quality and breadth in style of the maturing stocks at Bladnoch,” Savage said in a prepared statement. “As part of this five-year program, these six whiskies add to the 2020 collection with more cask types and vintages, including the extreme rarity of certain casks such as the specially selected Canasta Butt. The 2021 collection showcases the very best casks from our maturing stocks.”

Bladnoch SIngle Cask 2021
Bladnoch SIngle Cask 2021 (image via Bladnoch)

Bladnoch Distillery was established in 1817, making it said to be the oldest working Scotch whisky distillery in the Lowlands. The distillery uses local ingredients to create each whisky, including water from the River Bladnoch that flows alongside the distillery and Scottish barley. Each single malt release is non-chill filtered to ensure the truest flavors shine through.

The inaugural 2020 Single Cask Collection sold out in record time to whisky enthusiasts around the world. With bottle quantities of each cask very limited, Bladnoch’s 2021 Single Cask Collection is perhaps set for a similar fate with the retail pricing ranging from £140 ($198.65 USD) to £400 ($567.58 USD).

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