Benromach Offers Up Single Cask Scotches From 1977 And 1972

The Benromach distillery in Scotland has, for a bit now, been releasing decades old single cask, single malt expressions as part of its Heritage series. The last we saw from this line up was a 40 year old from 1978 that had aged inside an old refill sherry hogshead cask. Following it up now are two new offerings, each of which are older then this previous bottling.

The first of these is the Benromach Heritage 1977, a 41 year old Scotch single malt that was matured in a refill American hogshead. Only 122 decanters of this single cask vintage were bottled at 49.6% ABV from cask number 1269 on 8th October 2018. It is set to price around €1,500, or close to $1,700 USD.

Benromach Heritage 1972

Benromach Heritage 1972 (image via Benromach)

Joining the 1977 single cask is Benromach Heritage 1972, similarly aged for over four decades in a refill American hogshead. Given the fact it is slightly older at 46 years of age, just 75 decanters of this single cask vintage were bottled at 55.7% ABV from cask number 4471 on 11th December 2018. It will cost €1,750, or close to $2,000 USD.

“We’re proud to build on the popularity of previous Benromach vintage releases from the 1970s with these unique single cask bottlings that represent different moments in time from the distillery’s rich history,” said Keith Cruickshank, Benromach Distillery Manager, in a prepared statement. “Through careful monitoring and regular sampling throughout the maturation process, these remarkable releases have been aged to over 40 years each. Both golden amber single malts are brimming with fruity flavours and subtle oak notes. The release of these vintage expressions is an outstanding start to an exciting year for Benromach.”

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Both expressions are presented in a decanter-style bottle with shapes and textures inspired by the distillery. The bottle has a copper-foil embossed label and nestles in a dark oak wooden box, representing the original washbacks at Benromach. The copper cut medallion on the packaging is said to signify “the moment in time when the distillers cut to the sweet heart of the spirit run.”

Official tasting notes for both whiskies are as follows from the distillery. Both should be finding their way into retail now.

Benromach Heritage 1977 displays flavours of warm apple pie, poached pear and hints of ginger, mixed with subtle floral notes complemented by rich apricot jam. 

Benromach Heritage 1972 has a golden amber hue with a tempting nose of vanilla custard, honey and tropical fruits, with intriguing hints of mature oak and an edge of fresh menthol.