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Benriach Debuts Four New Whisky Expressions

The Benriach Distillery has a long-standing tradition of distilling classic, peated and triple distilled whisky. And the Scotch whisky maker is now launching a new range that includes Benriach Quarter Cask, Benriach Smoky Quarter Cask, Benriach Triple Distilled Ten and their oldest ever triple distilled expression, Benriach 22 Year Old Triple Distilled.

Benriach’s tradition of triple distilling small batches, something they only do once a year at the distillery, produces what’s described their most refined spirit style, enhanced by a three-cask maturation in both the 10 Year Old and 22 Year Old expressions.

Custom, smaller-sized casks were used in the second maturation for Benriach Quarter Cask and Benriach Smoky Quarter Cask to bring out the fruit-like character of the spirit. The smaller casks are said to provide more interaction between the wood and spirit, which intensifies maturation and delivers a depth and richness of flavor.

Three new Benriach whiskies (image via Benriach)

Rachel Barrie, master blender at Benriach Distillery, said in a prepared statement, “As international travel will hopefully continue to open this year, whisky lovers will have the opportunity to sample this distinctive range of expressions available exclusively for Global Travel Retail.”

“Our oldest triple distilled expression, Benriach 22 Year Old Triple Distilled, is a complex fruit and oak masterpiece, with rich layers of caramel mocha and morello cherry, overlaid with mellow nutty elegance and the exquisite richness of orange peel, red apple and date,” she continued. “Benriach Triple Distilled Ten is layered in glazed fruit, creamy vanilla and honey sweetness alongside vibrant toasted oak spice.”

“The bespoke quarter casks used in both Benriach Quarter Cask and Benriach Smoky Quarter Cask give each a very distinctive flavor profile. In Quarter Cask, it creates layers of glazed orchard fruit and rich vanilla, finishing with notes of ripe barley and oak spice. Smoky Quarter Cask adds layers of ripe fruit, fresh wood smoke and spiced vanilla, with finishing notes of mellow smoke and nutty oak.’

Stephane Morizet, marketing director for Global Travel Retail, said “this exclusive portfolio offering is a powerful statement on how much Benriach firmly believes in the power and strategic role of travel retail. Our mission is to enrich travelers’ journeys, and these beautiful expressions offer a wide and unique range of taste exploration for whisky lovers.”

The new Benriach range is now available exclusively in UK airports, and will be available worldwide starting May 1.

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