Balblair Brings Its Age Statement Collection Whiskies To The United States

| December 3, 2020

Scotland’s Balblair distillery was long known for being one of the few to assign vintage statements to their whiskies. This changed however last year as they went more towards the industry standard of age statements. This collection is now being imported to the United States.

Four whiskies from Balblair, according to those behind them, will be available on American retail shelves. These include the 12-, 15-, 18- and 25-year-old bottlings. In making the move away from the vintage labeling for these, it is said, “the launch of this collection signals a new era for Balblair. While each expression offers its own unique appeal, the series as a whole stays true to Balblair’s house style, following a gentle and considered approach with its focus firmly on quality over quantity – an attribute Balblair has become renowned for since the distillery was established in 1790.”

Balblair Core Collection

Balblair Core Collection (image via Balblair)

“As one of the oldest working distilleries in the Scottish Highlands, Balblair has a long and rich history of crafting premium single malt Scotch whisky,” said John MacDonald, Distillery Manager at Balblair, in a prepared statement. “We are proud of our heritage and we will continue to honor our centuries-old traditions, but we also look forward in a quiet pursuit of perfection.”

On the new series, MacDonald also commented, “Our new collection is intrinsically linked to our heritage and is testament to the place and the people behind our whisky, while being emblematic of our ‘True Highland Spirit’.”

You’ll find more official information on each, including pricing, below. It is currently across eight states (CA, CO, IL  MA, NH, NJ, NY, and TX). Consumers can find the whiskies online and at fine retailers in each market. Beginning in 2021, Balblair will be available in additional markets.

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Balblair 12-Year-Old (around $70)

  • 46% abv, matured in American oak ex-bourbon and double-fired American oak casks
  • Color: Polished gold
  • Aroma: Elegant bright lemon peel layered with creamy vanilla and crisp green apples
  • Palate: Ground spices and dried orange slices enveloped in intense set honey sweetness
  • Finish: Creamy and leathery with notes of sweet vanilla

Balblair 15-Year-Old (around $120)

  • 46% abv, matured initially in American oak ex-bourbon casks, followed by first-fill Spanish oak butts
  • Color: Bright amber
  • Aroma: Leatherwood honey and spicy gingerbread followed by juicy prunes and fresh lemon peel
  • Palate: Velvety in texture, bursting with dark chocolate, tropical fruit and spices
  • Finish: Long and mellow with notes of creamy vanilla and citrus

Balblair 18-Year-Old (around $210)

  • 46% abv, matured initially in American oak ex-bourbon casks, followed by first-fill Spanish oak butts
  • Color: Oiled cedar
  • Aroma: Rich toffee and baked pears shine bright against an elegant backdrop of new leather
  • Palate: A masterful balance of juicy apricots, seasoned oak and vanilla custard
  • Finish: Long and warming with chords of fresh spices and raisins

Balblair 25-Year-Old (around $700)

  • 46% abv, matured initially in American oak ex-bourbon casks then reshaped in Oloroso Spanish oak
  • Color: Hot copper
  • Aroma: Indulgent overripe apricots and dark licorice stand out against polished oak and a touch of saddle wax
  • Palate: Full-bodied with oily citrus, chocolate praline and a faint note of fresh tobacco leaf
  • Finish: Warming with smooth chocolate and blood oranges
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