Ardmore Port Wood Finish Scotch A No Nonsense Offering

Ardmore Port Wood Finish Scotch A No Nonsense Offering

By Nino Marchetti / November 13, 2015

Ardmore Port Wood FinishIn the realm of lesser-known Scottish distilleries, the likes of Ardmore are typical. The distillery has been quietly producing whisky since 1898. Most Ardmore ends up in blended Scotch. Beam Suntory owns Ardmore these days and has, in the last few years, been repositioning this operation to highlight more of its single malts, such as the recently debuted Port Wood Finish.

Matured for 12 years in American white oak and finished in port casks, the Ardmore Port Wood Finish is a straightforward offering, with a bottling strength of 46% ABV. It isn’t particularly fancy, but what it does do is (according to Beam Suntory) is complete the distillery’s “range of traditionally peated Highland single malt whiskies, which is composed of The Ardmore Legacy — the entry level of the Beam Suntory ‘Peated Malts of Distinction’ portfolio, and two Travel Retail exclusives; The Ardmore Tradition and The Ardmore Triple Wood.”

“The Ardmore Port Wood Finish is an excellent whisky for anyone looking to try something made with traditional methods but offering a taste that sets it apart from everything else,” said Gareth Brown, Senior Director Scotch, Irish and Japanese Whisky at Beam Suntory, in a statement. “The addition of a 12 year old age statement further showcases the credibility and premium values of the whisky.”

Should you want to hunt down a bottle of this, expect to pay around £50 ($75 USD).