Ardbeg Perpetuum Whisky Ready For Buying Frenzy

Ardbeg Perpetuum With Ardbeg Day almost upon us for hardcore fans of this popular Scottish distillery, it is worth taking note, once again, about the upcoming release of the limited edition Perpetuum whisky. It was bottled, in part, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of this whisky making operation.

As we had talked about previously, Perpetuum is technically supposed to go on sale this Saturday, though I can tell you from watching online retailers a whole bunch are already selling bottles should you live in a place where you cannot get hold of one easily. It has been retailing, on average, for over $100 per 750 ml bottle.

The whisky itself looks to be quite the treat for fans of Ardbeg. According to Dr Bill Lumsden, Ardbeg’s director of distilling and whisky creation, the 47.4% ABV Perpetuum

includes some very old and young Ardbeg, silky Ardbeg from bourbon barrels and some spicy Ardbeg from sherry casks.  The resulting expression combines classic notes of dark chocolate and treacle with sea-spray, peat smoke, vanilla and a hint of sherry casks, to create an unforgettable single malt with an aftertaste that is never-ending.

However you get hold of a bottle of Perpetuum, hopefully you find it to your liking. As for Ardbeg Day 2015, enjoy the little video below from the distillery to get you ready for it.


Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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