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Ardbeg New Perpetuum Whisky For Ardbeg Day 2015 Likely To Be A Cult Hit

Editor’s Note: With Ardbeg Day just around the corner, we’ve posted a new story with final details on Perpetuum, including noting the fact it is already on sale in some places. Read more here.

Fanatic fans of the very popular Scottish distillery Ardbeg, located on the isle of Islay, likely know already this whisky making operation is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year. To commemorate this, they’ve just announced plans to release a limited edition Scotch which will likely be one of the distillery’s hottest sellers ever.

Ardbeg Perpetuum, as it is being called, will be going on sale on Ardbeg Day, which is May 30th this year. Ardbeg Day is a yearly ritual for members of the Ardbeg Committee, the distillery’s fan club, when they gather in mass at various places around the world to celebrate in spirit a special whisky and music festival held in Islay around the same time.

Ardbeg Perpetuum

Being as this year’s Ardbeg Day is extra special given the distillery’s anniversary, an extra big deal is being made about the Perpetuum release. Ardbeg has said of this whisky so far that it is its “past, present and future” bottled. What this means is a touch cryptic, but what’s also been said is this expression, created by Ardbeg’s Dr. Bill Lumsden, “has taken inspiration from the differing styles of whisky his predecessors have created over the last 200 years.”

Now what’s interesting about this release, according to Whisky Saga, is that it is already seems to be out on the market, provided you happen to be able visit the distillery in Scotland to grab a bottle. It was noted by this whisky blog Perpetuum is pricing around 70 pounds ($105 USD roughly). Whether what ends up at retail in the US is the same price is not known yet.

Ardbeg Perpetuum

What else I do know about Perpetuum right now comes from the TTB database of approved liquor bottle labels. I’ve put images of the front and back labels below for your viewing – what stands out to me the most initially though is the slight difference in ABV strengths between the one Whisky Saga talked about (49.2% ABV) versus what’s below (47.4% ABV). The latter also happens to look like what is appearing in the image above, which came from an Ardbeg emailing, so I’ll assume at this point it is the 47.4%. Either way, I aim to get a bottle or two myself come May 30th – how about you?


Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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