AnCnoc Announces Its Quite Smoky Peatheart Batch 2 Scotch Single Malt

By Lilly Lion / October 25, 2020

After seeing strong positive reception to Peatheart Batch 1, anCnoc Highland Single Malt Whisky recently announced their release of a slightly brighter Peatheart Batch 2. This batch features what the distillery sees as the same sort of smoky, mellow wood notes and phenol content as the original (40 ppm), but this time, it brings “a subtle smokiness balanced with lighter, fruitier flavors.”

Peatheart Batch 2 is crafted at Kockdhu Distillery in the small village of Knock, located in Aberdeenshire. The spirit is matured in American oak ex-bourbon barrels and presented in an opaque black bottle and tube with touches of bronze and white. At 700ml  and 46% ABV, it is non-chilled filtered and with natural color of light gold.

Peatheart Batch 2

Peatheart Batch 2 (image via anCnoc)

Official tasting notes from the distillery indicate that, to the nose, Batch 2 is an understated peat smoke and barbeque balanced by ripe pineapples, pears, and a dark, rich tone of baked toffee apples. To the palate the drink presents itself as structured and full, with rich smoke in balance with juicy gummy bears and the light, fizzy sweetness of spun sugar. It concludes in an undertone of a hay barn and fudge before finishing off in a long, growing, distinctively spicy and sweet smoky finale.

“Despite having the same ppm as batch 1, slight variations in maturation mean that our second Peatheart bottling offers something a little bit different, with a more refined smokey character,” said Gordon Bruce, the Knockdhu Distillery Manager, in a prepared statement.

“The combination of fresh, fruity anCnoc notes with these more mellow peat flavors creates a wonderful modern whisky that will be enjoyed by whisky fans across the spectrum. The peaty range now sits alongside our signature anCnoc whiskies to give drinkers two very distinctive sides to our whisky. Whether it’s a dram from our ‘dark’ or ‘light’ side, both represent our commitment to using the best traditional techniques and craftsmanship to make every modern single malt whisky.”

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1700 cases of Batch 2 will be available in the UK and global markets at £52 (around $70 USD), sold in independent and specialist retailers and whisky shops.