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A Scotch Whisky Finished In Dragon’s Milk Stout Casks Could Be On The Way

By Nino Marchetti / March 21, 2019

Dragon’s Milk Stout is an extremely popular, bourbon barrel aged stout beer from New Holland Brewing out of Michigan. It is a type of beer made to pair well with a heavier whisk(e)y, particularly the right Scotch. It is interesting to note, therefore, of a new potential Scotch from Deanston that looks to have been finished in barrels which previously held this beer.

The Deanston Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Stout Cask Finish, according to information from a label that has been approved by the TTB and is posted on their public database, could be a new beer-cask finished whisky we see coming soon from Deanston. As is the case with any product label from this database however, it should be considered only a possible release until official details are put forth from the distillery.

Deanston Dragon's Milk Stout Cask FinishDeanston Dragon's Milk Stout Cask Finish

The label for a possible Deanston Dragon’s Milk cask finished Scotch (image via TTB COLA)

With regards to this whisky, what we do know from the labels is that it looks to be a non-age statement Scotch that’s been “finished in former Dragon’s Milk casks for 6 months.” Also, in terms of what one might expect of flavors, it is said that “the sweet, roasted maltiness of this delicious American beer were the perfect characteristics to marry with the honeyed, fruity style of our whisky” and that the finishing result “is this golden, hoppy single malt, full of fruit and caramel notes.”

The whisky looks to be bottled at 50% ABV (100 proof), and would be non-chill filtered, natural color and unpeated in nature. It marks an interesting new direction for the Deanston distillery and, as for New Holland, showcases the further variety of their interest in industry partnerships such as the recent news of a team up with Pabst Blue Ribbon for a “PBR whiskey.”