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20 Of The Most Expensive Scotch Whiskies In The World

In the realm of world whisk(e)y categories, it is Scotch whisky which typically sits atop the heap when it comes to most expensive bottles, period. Sure, you have a few Japanese whiskies here and there which climb up into the same level of consideration for your luxury shopping dollar but, bottle for bottle, it is the ancient distilleries of Scotland which continue to rule from the whisky penthouse.

When one considers the names of Scotch brands which command top dollar at both retail and on the secondary markets these days, a few immediately jump to mind. You have, for example, The Macallan and its super old, high end expressions which can command upwards of over $40,000 a bottle in some cases. Also in the mix tends to be the likes of The Dalmore, anchored by master blender Richard Patterson and his ability to pick the best of the best from his distillery’s archives for drinkers with who money is no obstacle.

most expensive Scotch whiskies
Bottles such as this Macallan command the highest spots in expensive Scotch. (image via Macallan)

Below you’ll find the list of the most expensive Scotch whiskies currently at retail, based upon data provided to us by Wine-Searcher. Note we’ve put the pricing information in American dollars, and also that the prices are based upon average amounts at retail, excluding tax, from a worldwide database of tens of thousands of retailers.

Editor’s Note: This information is updated as of September 1, 2016.

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