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New Japanese Whisky Brand, Sekk Sato Shiki, Launches In US

A new Japanese whisky brand will enter the market this month. Sekk Sato Shiki, is a new line of “100% authentic” single grain and single malt Japanese whiskies. The lineup consists of a no-age-statement single malt, a single grain, and both a 21 Year Old and a 41 Year Old single grain Japanese whisky

Arriving in Texas, California, Nevada, Arizona, New York, and New Jersey this month, the new Japanese whisky brand is, according to the brand press release, “dedicated to sharing the vibrant essence of Japanese culture with the world”. 

100% Authentic Japanese Whisky 

The Sekk Sato Shiiki brand was founded by the former CEO of Iconic Spirits, Taichi Seki, to produce truly authentic Japanese whisky. Seki has worked with the historic Sato Distillery to curate this impressive lineup. 

Unlike scotch whisky, the current legislation surrounding Japanese whisky means that barley and/or distillate can be imported from overseas to be labeled as Japanese whisky. For example, many Japanese distilleries import Golden Promise barley from Scotland from which to distill their whiskies. 

By contrast, Seek Sato Shiki is distilled purely from locally sourced grains grown in the Miyazaki Prefecture. Additionally, the whisky is matured in casks made at Japan’s only cooperage, Ariake Angyo Cooperage. As such, the whisky goes beyond the outlined legislation. The use of local grains and traditional Japanese distillation methods creates a spirit with “a premium and smooth taste.” 

The whisky is completely Japanese, “from seed to sip.” 

Sekk Sato Shiki Japanese Whisky 

The 41 Year Old Single Grain Japanese Whisky. Credit: Sekk Sato Shiki

As part of the brand’s entry into the market, four expressions have been released. Tasting notes provided by Sekk Sato Shiki: 

  • Single Malt Whisky – “Delight in the aroma of mild sweetness, roasted barley, and citrus, while experiencing subtle vanilla, banana, and butter notes on the palate. The journey concludes with a velvety smooth finish and a refreshing hint of citrus. Retails for $99.99 MSRP for 750mL, 40% alc.”
  • Single Grain Whisky – “Experience delicate floral aromas that blend with oak and vanilla, leading to a palate of roasted nuts, caramel, and honey, while the premium Koshihikari rice adds depth. The finish has a subtle smokey warmth and lingering sweetness that showcases the artistry behind every drop. Retails for $49.99 MSRP for 750mL, 43% alc.”
  • 21 Year & 41 Year Aged Single Grain Whisky – “Indulge in a nose with hints of sweet custard and dates. The palate unfolds with notes of marzipan, honey, and roasted grains. A velvety finish lingers with subtle sweetness, buttery notes, and hints of mild oak. Retails for $299.99 MSRP, 40% alc, and $899.99 MSRP, exclusive.”

Visit to find a retailer near you. 

About Sekk Sato Shiki 

Sekk Sato Shiki whisky is distilled at the Sato Distillery on the banks of the Houri River. The distillery was established in 1905, and has a long and storied history of distillation.

Sato Distillery also has a unique feature called the Sato still. Invented by fourth-generation Master Distiller Junji Mizue in 1989, the still “incorporates a 500 year-old Japanese method of distillation where the vapor speed is reduced to provide a more precise cut of the head, heart and tail, thus creating a remarkably smooth taste.” 

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