Two Stacks Irish Whiskey Releases Some Irish Whiskey In A Can

By Allyson Nichols / March 4, 2021

Two Stacks Irish Whiskey has announced the release of Dram in a Can, which is basically Irish whiskey in a can.

The 86-proof, 100ml release is a blend of light and dark grain, pot still whiskey and peated malt, according to information from the brand. Matured in ex-bourbon, Oloroso sherry and virgin oak casks, the release is one of only a small number of Irish whiskeys using peated malt in its blend. The whiskey is non-chill filtered with no added coloring, as well.

Dram in a Can

Two Stacks Irish Whiskey Dram in a Can (image via Two Stacks)

“We spent a lot of this year in lockdown developing Dram in a Can,” Shane McCarthy, one of the founders of Two Stacks, said in a prepared statement. “We want to offer access to premium Irish whiskey in smaller quantities – allowing more experimentation and sharing among friends whenever and wherever. A four-pack of Dram in a Can is meant to be enjoyed at a dinner party, on a camping trip, after a hike, or skiing. Some may even be trying Irish whiskey for the first time.”

The whiskey in a can will also be available as a 750ml bottle, called Two Stacks Blended Whiskey. A third release, Two Stacks Blender’s Cut, is bottled at 64% cask strength and is the highest proof Irish whiskey on the market.

Founded in the summer of 2020 by Shane McCarthy, Donal McLynn and Liam Brogan, also the founders of Ireland Craft Beverages, Two Stacks launched during Belfast Whiskey Week and sold out all stock within a day. It relies on what’s said to be traditional techniques in whiskey-making, including determining timing through taste and nose while in cask, manually disgorging casks and hand labeling each bottle.

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“Two Stacks Irish Whiskey has ambitions to become a globally recognized independent bonder, blender and bottler of the most innovative whiskey creations, both in terms of liquid and packaging,” added Brogan. “Our initial launch showcases Ireland’s first 5-part blended whiskey, and the Dram in a Can is a new global first for packaging straight whiskey in a can.”

The U.S. launch will be marked by a virtual St. Patrick’s Day celebration on March 19 in collaboration with Stories and Sips‘ Facebook and YouTube live channels. The online “Lock-In” will bring in local Irish musicians and bartenders showcasing cocktails and suggested serves. Dram in a Can will be available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $18.99/4-pack.