Teeling Has A New Cherry Wood Cask Irish Single Malt Whiskey

By Allyson Nichols / February 8, 2021

Teeling Distillery recently announced the release of a 15 year old Irish Single Malt that was first aged in bourbon barrels and then finished in virgin Cherry Wood casks.

More porous than oak, according to the distillery, Cherry Wood is said to allow for a quicker finishing period and unusual flavor profile. Official tasting notes from Teeling make mention that this whiskey, full of floral notes, dried fruits and mellow spices, gives off an aroma of wood spice, brown sugar, prunes, raisins and sultanas. Sawdust, sandalwood, rosewater and Turkish delight can be found on the tongue with a long finish of mellow spice.

Teeling Whiskey Wonders of Wood Cherry Wood Cask

Teeling Whiskey Wonders of Wood Cherry Wood Cask (image via Teeling Irish Whiskey)

“It’s a very interesting wood type to use, as it hasn’t been used much historically in whiskey maturation, there’s very little knowledge and wisdom on the exact impact of the wood on the spirit,” Teeling Distillery Head of Operations Ian Wood said in a prepared statement. “We asked for a hybrid cask to be built using cherry wood, so the staves alternate between cherry and oak. This provides better structural rigidity, but also allows the oak to deliver a familiar taste profile at the heart of this whiskey, allowing the more cherry-driven flavor top notes to subtly change the overall flavor profile.”

The use of the Cherry Wood Cask was decided by attendees of the distillery’s Wonders of Wood event in September, in which the audience tasted and voted for the casking they liked best. Although the winner of the event for the distillery’s first release in the Wonders of Wood series was the Amburana Brazilian Hardwood, the Cherry Cask came in a very close second place, so the distillery decided to release it as their second malt in the series.

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Bottled at 51.7% ABV and with a retail cost of €125 ($151.22 USD), the 15 Year Single Malt is a limited edition bottling, available from the distillery’s online shop.