Teeling Adds Two New Irish Whiskeys To Its Line Up

The Teeling Irish whiskey distillery, based in Dublin, Ireland, is considered one of the current leaders in the resurgence of this whiskey category in recent years. Despite being in this position they see fit to continue releasing new whiskeys that will continue to satisfy their fan base. Two new limited edition offerings of both the Teeling Brabazon Series and Teeling Vintage Reserve Collection are now available.

The new Teeling Brabazon Series 3 Irish whiskey, according to those behind it, is the third release in a line up that focuses upon “the combination of the old and new, producing very unique and interesting Irish whiskeys.” To this end, and for this whiskey, the distillery chose some barrels from 1918 that had been used by an old Spanish bodega. These barrels had previously held PX sherry, and were then used to finish for three years an Irish whiskey first distilled in 2005. 

Teeling Brabazon Series 3 and Teeling 28 Year Old (image via Teeling Irish Whiskey)

The result for this whiskey, from a flavor perspective, is a spirit said by Teeling to be “bursting with baked fig, caramelised fruits and distinctive smoothness.” It is limited to a 10,000 bottle release globally, and prices at €95, or around $105 USD.

Joining it in the new releases category is the Teeling 28 Year Old Vintage Reserve. Another Irish single malt, it was first distilled in 1991 and then matured in ex-bourbon casks for many years before being married in Sauternes wine casks to help further enhance its flavor profile.

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This small batch bottling, limited to just 4,000 bottles, was hand bottled in unique decanter bottles and comes with their own certificates of authenticity. Ir prices around €500, or about $550 USD. Limited official tasting notes suggest “an extra depth of fruit flavours that perfectly complement the hint of smoke derived from the inclusion of a small portion of peated malt as part of the original ingredients used in production.”

“The benchmark we set ourselves for all our Teeling Whiskey bottlings has been raised due to some of the awards we have received, most notably the honour of  the World’s Best Single Malt, said Jack Teeling, founder and managing director of Teeling Whiskey, in a prepared statement. “Thus these new offerings build on the quality of the earlier releases and I am delighted to say that these two new releases are definitely some of the best whiskeys we have ever released. 

“These offerings are central to our goal to help drive diversity in Irish whiskey by introducing interesting and unique small batch bottlings.”


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