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New Bushmills Irish Whiskey Finished In One Of The World’s Oldest Woods

By Nino Marchetti / November 20, 2018

The world of what type of wood one uses to age or finish whiskey in is no longer simply limited to just oak and it’s different subspecies. Distilleries large and small are experimenting with a whole host of different types in an attempt to find what is an ideal marriage between maturing spirit and the cask it rests in. One of the latest in alternate exploration comes from popular Irish whiskey brand Bushmills via use of Acacia wood casks.

The Bushmills Acacia Wood expression, according to those behind it, is a non-age statement Irish whiskey first aged in charred ex-bourbon barrels and toasted ex-sherry casks. It is then finished in Acacia wood for a year. This wood style is said to be extremely old, having been on the planet for more than 20 million years, and virtually indestructible. As to why it was selected to be used in a cask, Helen Mullholland, Master Blender at Bushmills Irish Whiskey, noted in a prepared statement that it “imparts a spicy, vanilla” flavor to the whiskey.

Bushmills Acacia Wood

Bushmills Acacia Wood (image via Bushmills)

“As the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery,” said Mullholland, “it was only natural that we create a whiskey using one of the world’s oldest woods. We are always exploring new ideas and looking for new woods to experiment with, so we were keen to work with Acacia.”

This new Irish whiskey is bottled at 47% ABV and is something of a limited release, with only 12,000 bottles being available. It is also a distillery exclusive release, meaning you have to travel to The Old Bushmills Distillery in Bushmills, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, to pick up a bottle for £74, or around $95 USD. You’ll find some limited official tasting notes below for your consideration.

Subtly spiced by the casks, with warming hints of nutmeg. The liquid features honey and floral notes complemented by sweet vanilla and dried fruit flavours, finishing with a hint of cinnamon and a whisper of wood.


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