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Luxco, Having Completed Bourbon Distillery Build Out, Turns Now to Irish Whiskey

By Nino Marchetti / May 5, 2018

What does it take to make yourself a serious player in the world of whiskeys these days? If you are the likes of Luxco, you keep your eye on the global game of emerging whiskey categories. To this end, and having just recently opened its Lux Row Distillers bourbon distillery in Kentucky, the spirits company now looks to Ireland through acquisition of an Irish whiskey brand it was previously partnering with.

Luxco has taken what it says is a controlling interest in Niche Drinks, a speciality liqueur company based in Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom). This outfit produces an Irish cream liqueur for Luxco, but what it is for more known for to Irish whiskey drinkers is The Quiet Man Irish whiskey label. It was created by one Ciaran Mulgrew to honor his bartender father, John Mulgrew. According to the younger Mulgrew, “in more than 50 years behind the bar, my father saw and heard it all, but like all good bartenders, John Mulgrew was true to the code and told no tales. He was ‘The Quiet Man,’ or as they say in the pubs of Ireland, ‘An Fear Ciuin.'”

The Quiet Man 8 Year Old

As part of the acquisition plans, Luxco and Niche Drinks have also announced plans to build an Irish whiskey distillery in Derry’s Ebrington Square, which is in the same town where Niche is located. They’ve met with the Strategic Investment Board in Northern Ireland to discuss the project – no immediate time table was given as to when the distillery might be built.

“Luxco has impressive distillery experience, having built Lux Row Distillers and partnered with Limestone Branch Distillery, both in Kentucky; and is nearing completion of a tequila distillery in Arandas, Mexico,” said Mulgrew, who will remain on with Niche Drinks, in a prepared statement. “This experience will be a tremendous asset as we proceed with The Quiet Man Craft Distillery at Ebrington Square.”

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