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Irish Distillers Unveils Midleton Very Rare 2019 Irish Whiskey

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / October 23, 2019

One of the more coveted whiskeys to come out of Ireland each year has to be the annual Midleton Very Rare release. This whiskey, now in its 36th edition, is said to bring together into each bottling “only hand-selected single pot still and single grain Irish whiskeys of exceptional quality and rarity within the Midleton inventory.” For the 2019 release the whiskeys in the mix were matured exclusively in lightly-charred ex-bourbon American oak barrels for between 13 and 34 years, marking it as the oldest collection of casks ever used to create this expression.

Midleton Very Rare 2019, according to those behind it, has been bottled at 40% ABV and comes presented in a special bottle and box. It is said to be “a whiskey of great depth and flavour that marries the spice of a pot still whiskey and the floral fragrance of grain whiskey with a layer of delightful sweetness from the finest bourbon casks.”

“Each year, for over forty years, we have been setting aside very small amounts of the finest single pot still and single grain distillates so that the Midleton Very Rare legacy can continue,” said Irish Distillers master distiller Brian Nation in a prepared statement. “I am delighted that our 2019 vintage is once again a whiskey of exceptional quality that fits beautifully into the family,” explains Brian. “This vintage features an extraordinary blend of whiskeys from the rarest casks in our collection, with the youngest whiskey in our 2019 vintage having been aged for 13 years, and the oldest dating back to 1985.”

Midleton Very Rare 2019

The Midleton Very Rare 2019 (image via Irish Distillers)

As it stands now plans call for this Irish whiskey to price at €180, or around $200 USD. You’ll find full official tasting notes below for your consideration from the distillery. It should be noted as well this release ties into the debut of the 1825 Room from Irish Distillers, an online member’s program site that includes, among other things, the sale of rare Midleton vintages.

  • Nose: Ripe fruit notes of sweet pear and apple that develop over time, adding a delicate touch of mango. Complimented by the charred American Oak, these flavours are further accentuated with additional sweet layers of brown sugar and vanilla, with a light dusting of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove spice.
  • Taste: Luscious and silky texture with the orchard fruits and pot still spices coming to the fore while the grain’s soft floral notes gently linger in the background, allowing the oak to add dimensions of mild tannins and wood spice.
  • Finish:  The fruits and gentle spice slowly fade, giving way to the oak foundation that leaves a mild roasted coffee and nutty character to linger until the very end.


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