Irish Distillers Launch Virtual Irish Whisky Academy At Middleton

| September 10, 2021

Irish Distillers recently launched the Virtual Irish Whiskey Academy for whiskey enthusiasts to take part in an interactive education on the secrets and craft of Irish whiskey production. 

The program is hosted live from Midleton Distillery by International Whiskey Ambassador and Academy Tutor Tommy Byrne, though all the classes are remote. Over the course of three hours, Tommy leads students through interactive sessions on the Irish whiskey production process including behind the scenes footage of Midleton Distillery, Ireland’s largest whiskey production operation.

Participants – currently limited to the Republic of Ireland – will learn about what goes into creating Irish whiskey expressions and develop an understanding of what sets them apart from other whiskies. All participants will relieve a virtual Irish Whiskey Academy Kit with everything they need to participate in whiskey production, including whole grains, new make spirit, stave sections and mature whiskeys. 

Virtual Irish Whiskey Academy

Virtual Irish Whiskey Academy kit (image via Irish Distillers)

Also included are samples of four premium Single Pot Still Whiskeys (Green Spot, Redbreast 12 Year Old, Powers John’s Lane Release and Midleton Very Rare Barry Crocket Legacy), four tasting glasses, a notebook and pen, the Irish Whiskey Academy Summary Book and a digital certificate of completion.

“We are excited to, once again, welcome whiskey enthusiasts to Midleton Distillery – but this time, Irish Whiskey Academy participants will discover the magic of the distillery through our new Virtual Irish Whiskey Academy,” Byrne said in a prepared statement. “We look forward to meeting new people, making connections and discussing our shared passion for great Irish whiskey. All participants need to take part is a device that connects to the internet, and we take care of the rest. The experience offers plenty of opportunity for conversation, questions, note taking and, of course, tasting the diverse flavours of Midleton Distillery’s Single Pot Still whiskey range, all from the comfort of home.”

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The academy is priced at €95 per person, and add ons are optional. The experience is open to groups of 3 to 20 people, with discounts available for larger bookings of 6 or more people, and for members of the recently launched Barrel Club Midleton Distillery.


Hannah Kanik

Hannah Kanik is a freelance writer from California. Two years ago, she found herself drinking Scottish whisky atop Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh and found her love for whisky and its storytelling side-effects.