Boston Distillery Salutes The Irish With New Whiskey Offering

1601457_694883337220894_1529897533_nWith St. Patrick’s Day this coming Monday anything Irish, especially whiskey, comes front and center. Small batch spirit offerings tied to this holiday are particularly cool, as I got to see first hand last week at the Edgefield distillery outside of Portland, Oregon. Another launch is also taking place this evening in the historically Irish-American enclave of Boston, Massachusetts, in the form of GrandTen Distilling’s South Boston Irish Whiskey.

The South Boston Irish Whiskey is said to be a “traditionally distilled spirit” that came from a mash bill of corn and barley that traveled “all the way from Ireland to be enjoyed in its new Boston home.” Bottled by the folks at GrandTen, it comes in at 80 proof and has seen some aging time in used bourbon barrels.

Tasting notes from GrandTen Distilling indicate this spirit to have “a rich nose of caramelized banana and hazelnut” that “is malt driven with signature notes of honey sweetness, dried citrus peel and brown spice.” Tasting it is said to bring “a flash of bright copper which fades quickly to reveal a soft and creamy body with a long finish of smooth oak.” It is good for either long sipping or in cocktails and you can find it pricing for around $30 a bottle.


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Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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