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Railspur No 1 White A Local Grain Canadian White Dog

1011401_523573231074888_103591782_nOne thing you don’t see coming out of Canada too much is white whiskey, i.e. moonshine. Most distilleries in our neighbor to the north blend stuff, but a few start up distilleries, as they await their more aged products to mature, are offering up the higher octane goods to grab consumer interest. One of these happens to be Liberty Distillery out of Vancouver, who is just to market with its Railspur No 1 White.

Railspur No 1 White, according to Liberty, is a “single pot triple distilled unaged barley based grain spirit” that’s made from 100 percent local organic barley. The white whiskey, noticed by Whiskey Reviewer, will be available in 375 ml, 50 ml, 750 ml, and 1.75 l bottles.

Tasting notes from the distillers for this clear spirit bottled at 47 percent ABV indicate that it has “a complex bouquet of rich barley, bees wax and honeycomb. On the palate it is instantly mouth filling with a full bodied honey and whole meal biscuit character.” As for the finish, it is described as being long with “warm caramel nuances.”

As for availability, right now it looks to be on sale only at the distillery.

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