Pendleton Whisky Adds New Brandy Barrel Aged Expression

Pendleton Midnight Pendleton Whisky, which we first wrote about back in April when a special bottling of its flagship product was released, is a well know Canadian spirit that’s cut with Oregon glacial spring winter. It is a popular offering, particularly here in the Northwest, which hasn’t seen a lot of innovation, until now. Enter Pendleton Midnight, a new expansion of this whisky brand that’s partially aged in American brandy barrels to give it a new taste profile.

Pendleton Midnight, according to Hood River Distillers, had a portion of its blend aged in said brandy barrels for over six years, giving it “added complexity and fruit forward characteristics.” It is a 90 proof bottling that’s said to be best enjoyed neat, mixed with water/ice or as part of a classic-style cocktail.

“Introducing Pendleton Midnight is a logical evolution for the brand following the existing success of Pendleton Whisky,” said Tia Bledsoe, senior brand manager, Hood River Distillers, in a statement. “This new super premium whisky, accentuated by the intense fruit and floral nuances absorbed from the American brandy barrels, is a unique addition to the Canadian whisky category, and provides a more premium offering that’s smooth and complex.”

Plans currently call for this new 750 ml Pendleton variant to be available in select American markets come September for around $35. Tasting notes for it are below, courtesy of the distillery. We’ve requested a sample of it in the meanwhile and will bring you a full review of it in the coming weeks.

  • Nose: Musky notes of leather mix with warm cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and a hint of ginger; finished with subtle undertones of dried fruit.
  • Palate: Full, well-balanced oak is paired with hints of coffee cake, nuts, caramelized bananas and candied figs for a complex flavor.
  • Finish: A full-bodied and satiating finish with a lingering smolder of spices, pecans and walnuts.
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