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J.P. Wiser Unveils Whisky For Canada’s 150th Anniversary

Here’s to you Canada and your 150 years since confederation in 1867! Canadian whisky is, of course, a great way to toast this celebration and, to that end, whisky brand J.P. Wiser has unveiled a new, limited edition bottling to drink with. Known as One Fifty, it was produced in Windsor, Ontario at Hiram Walker & Sons – one of the largest distilleries in North America.

The new J.P. Wiser One Fifty Whisky, according to those behind it, is a blend of corn and rye grain that aged in new oak and Canadian whisky casks since the year 2000. This roughly 17-year-old whisky is said to have a deep, golden amber color and, as far as official tasting notes go, they reference that this has “a rich, oaky aroma with hints of vanilla and spice. These flavours carry through onto the palate, which is full-bodied and balanced with a natural sweetness. The finish is warm and silky smooth.”

Plans call for only 7,827 bottles of One Fifty to be produced, each one with one with a unique date printed on the label that corresponds to one of the 7,827 weeks in Canada’s history. It should be available throughout Canada shortly if not already on some store shelves.

J.P. Wiser’s is a proud Canadian brand that’s older than the country itself, so we felt a sense of duty to create something really special and one-of-a-kind – not only to mark Canada’s big anniversary, but also to celebrate all the milestones along the way over the past 150 years,” said Keeshan Selvakumar, Whisky Brand Manager, Corby Spirit and Wine, in a prepared statement. “J.P. Wiser’s One Fifty Commemorative Series gives people the opportunity to covet a unique piece of our country’s great history; a week and point in time that only they can call their own.”

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