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Crown Royal’s Noble Collection Wraps Up With Barley Edition Whisky

Crown Royal recently introduced the final installment of its Noble Collection, the Barley Edition.

A statement from the Canadian whisky brand noted that this collection is a series of annual limited releases that explores the future of whisky and celebrates the innovative spirit of the brand’s blenders and distillers.

“The final release of our Noble Collection puts a bow on our roster of whiskies that have pushed boundaries, from unique blending techniques and maturation processes to distillation methods, while honoring our roots and tradition,” said Hadley Schafer, Crown Royal’s director.

Crown Royal Noble Collection: Barley Edition
Crown Royal recently introduced the final installment of its Noble Collection, the Barley Edition. (image via Crown Royal)

The distiller’s notes show that with spicy notes of toasted oak and sweet caramel, Crown Royal Noble Collection: Barley Edition starts with an aroma of creamy vanilla and fruity green apple and ends in a warm and rounded finish.

The whisky is aged for at least five years, and it’s the brand’s latest expression born from a unique blend of whiskies distilled from unmalted and malted barley grains.

“This exquisite whisky is a special release for the Crown Royal portfolio, given the expression’s full barley mash bill,” said Stephen Wilson, director of whisky engagement for Crown Royal. “Our team of distillers and blenders are always experimenting and innovating and this whisky is a product stemming from that creativity and collaboration, much like our award-winning Winter Wheat.”

Crown Royal Noble Collection: Barley Edition clocks in at 90 proof, 45% ABV. It will be available for a limited time at a suggested retail price of $79.99 for a 750mL bottle.

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