Crown Royal Whiskey Barrel Wood Used In New Line Of Barbecue Smoking Products

By Hannah Kanik / August 18, 2021

Crown Royal and Walters Falls Wood Products recently announced they have teamed up to launch a series of premium whisky barrel wood-smoking products.

The deal between the Canadian whisky brand and the wood product maker from what’s described as a village with a rich history of wood mills dating back to 1854, created a new line that includes chips, chunks, pellets, and grilling planks made from former Crown Royal whisky barrels. 

The oak, vanilla, spice and brown sugar notes from Crown Royal’s whisky is said to come through the wood and char to bring unique flavors to the smoked meats and vegetables. The planks are staves cut in half. 

Crown Royal Whisky Barrel Chips

Crown Royal Whisky Barrel Chips (image via Beanstalk)

“As a former Diageo employee, I had the pleasure of promoting the Crown Royal portfolio in Canada. I am excited to combine my knowledge of the Crown Royal whisky brand with my passion for barbecue,” said John Neeve, Director of Walters Falls Wood Products, in a prepared statement. “All of us here at Walters Falls Wood Products look forward to the thrilling times ahead as the products launch and our partnership with Crown Royal grows.”

The Crown Royal smoking wood products should be available online and in select regional and specialty barbecue stores in Canada now. The line will be available at US online retailers and specialty stores in late summer 2021.

Lauren Montemaro, Director of Brand Development at Beanstalk, said, “From repurposing the Crown Royal whisky barrels to extending into the grilling category, this partnership truly harnesses the authenticity of the brand itself. Recycling the barrels will not only allow for great tasting barbecue but is also a logistical success. We are thrilled to bring Crown Royal to consumers in this innovative form.”

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