Canadian Club Goes All Rye In New Whisky Release

canadian-100ryeCanadian whisky, though often mistaken as always having a rye base, does in fact draw from other grain types in this day and age for its creation. That being said the venerable brand Canadian Club, which is one of the top selling alcoholic products in the Beam portfolio, has turned to an all-rye recipe for the development of its newest offering known as Chairman’s Select 100% Rye.

Canadian Club Chairman’s Select 100% Rye, according to those behind it, is the first 100 percent rye whisky from this brand. It is distilled by Calgary-based Alberta Distillers, barrel aged in bourbon barrels and then cut to bottling strength and bottled in Walkerville, Ontario, the birthplace and home of Canadian Club.

Rye is noted as being a cold-weather grain that grows well in Canada’s cereal grain-producing regions. What’s interesting though with this expression is that while it does use 100 percent Canadian rye in its make up Canadian Club stated there is also “occasional supplementation of US rye grains.” Why this is the case was not immediate clear.

The official tasting profile for Canadian Club Chairman’s Select 100% Rye is below. As for pricing and availability, expect to find it across Canada for around $28 for a 750 ml bottle.

With a beautiful antique gold colour, it has a balanced aroma of toasted grains, gentle wood notes and a hint of sweet vanilla. Tasting it neat, you experience a complex balance of rye spiciness, caramel and oak notes. The finish is long with hints of clove, oak and vanilla.

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