Yellowstone Bourbon Debuts Landmark Edition Bottles Celebrating 150th Anniversary

| January 10, 2022

The Yellowstone bourbon brand has a big milestone coming up, its 150th anniversary, and Limestone Branch Distillery will celebrate by launching the Yellowstone Select Landmark Edition Bottle series, which features six different scenes from the national park that inspired the brand.

Named after the country’s first national park, Yellowstone bourbon was introduced in 1872 to honor the park’s beauty and pioneering spirit.

Limestone Branch has continued the tradition of supporting the park through its ongoing partnership with the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), an independent organization working to strengthen and protect the nation’s national parks.

Yellowstone Select Landmark Edition Bottles

Yellowstone Select Landmark Edition Bottles (image via Limestone Branch)

To date, Limestone Branch has donated nearly $210,000 to the organization, and from now through Nov. 30th, 2022, Limestone Branch will donate $1.50 to NPCA for each bottle of Yellowstone Whiskey sold, with a guaranteed donation up to $30,000.

“We’re proud of our brand’s long history honoring its namesake national park, and we are thrilled to pay further tribute through our Yellowstone Select Bourbon Landmark Edition Bottle series,” said Limestone Branch Brand Manager Caitlin Palmieri Jackson in a prepared statement.

She said their iconic label featuring Lower Yellowstone Falls has created a connection with fans of the bourbon and the park.

“The Landmark Edition Bottle series was created to expand upon that connection, as the different landmarks are likely to inspire different memories among consumers of the brand, who are now able to choose the bottle and label that is most special to them,” she added.

Available now at retail, bottles of Yellowstone Select Bourbon feature one of six famous park landmarks:

  • Lower Yellowstone Falls (original image)
  • Old Faithful
  • Grand Prismatic Spring
  • Minerva Terrace
  • Roosevelt Arch
  • Lamar Valley
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Limestone Branch also produced a limited number of cases featuring a random assortment of all six Landmark Edition Bottle labels. Yellowstone Select Landmark Edition bottles will be available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $39.99.

Stephen Beam and his brother Paul Beam opened Limestone Branch Distillery in 2011. With a history of distilling on both sides of their family, Beam and Dant, the brothers are seventh-generation distillers.

In 2015, they brought the Yellowstone brand back to the family. The distillery is now home to Yellowstone Select, Yellowstone Limited Edition, and Minor Case Rye Whiskey.

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