Wyoming Whiskey’s Outryder Returns, Along With Single Barrel And Barrel Strength

| November 16, 2022

Wyoming Whiskey recently announced this year’s annual and limited release offerings in time for the holiday season.

Coming to market is the Barrel Strength Bourbon, Outryder Straight American Whiskey, and the Single Barrel.

“Fall is certainly the best time of year to be a fan of Wyoming Whiskey,” said Wyoming Whiskey co-founder David DeFazio, in a prepared statement. “Our barrel selections have been made and our batching season is complete with the largest production run of Outryder ever offered. This season’s Outryder, identified by its black foil logo, is easily my favorite edition of all time.”

Wyoming Whiskey Outryder

Wyoming Whiskey recently announced this year’s annual and limited release offerings in time for the holiday season. (image via Wyoming Whiskey)

This is Wyoming Whiskey’s third national batch of Barrel Strength Bourbon, and has a suggested retail price of about $300. Barrel Strength was last released nationally in the fall of 2018. Only 50 bottles were available at that time.

This year’s edition of Barrel Strength comes with a new label, is from barrel #9735, and was selected by Wyoming Whiskey master blender, Nancy Fraley. It was aged five years, comes bottled at 122.4 proof and a total of 120 bottles are available now in select U.S. markets including Wyoming, California, Colorado, Georgia and New York.

The distiller’s notes show that its color is deep copper to mahogany, and on the nose it has notes of Demerara sugar, plum pudding, apricot jam, and dark chocolate-covered espresso beans.

The palate features notes of dark dried fruit with waves of cherry cobbler with a buttery cinnamon-biscuit crust. There’s a balance of rum raisin ice cream, prunes in syrup, chocolate-covered orange peels, nutty marzipan, croissants with honey butter, and a hint of smokey barrel char.

Wyoming Whiskey’s Outryder Straight American Whiskey will be the sixth expression of its line to come out, identified by this year’s black foil logo.

It was first released in October of 2016, representing Wyoming Whiskey’s first use of rye, along with corn and malted barley.

It’s a blend of two high-rye mash bills that’s aged five years and clocks in at 100 proof and has a suggested retail price of $74.99.

The distiller’s notes show this copper-colored whiskey has, on the nose, aromas of pumpernickel bread with melted butter, honey aromas of beeswax candles with orange blossom pollen, and cherry cobbler.

On the palate, it tastes of hot chocolate, yeast biscuits with dark molasses, honeyed hay, and roasted cumin in brown butter. Its finish is long and warming with flavors of maple syrup over French toast.

Wyoming Whiskey’s Single Barrel Bourbon last sold out in October of 2021. It represents the top 1% of bourbon barrels sampled each year by Wyoming Whiskey and this season, each hand-selected barrel is bottled at 96 proof.

Aged for a minimum of five years, no two barrels are the same. They were chosen from six rickhouses for singular character and taste, and each barrel filled about 180 bottles.

On the nose, the Single Barrel has aromas of browned butter, cola, black currant and dried dates. The palate tastes of cola and dark chocolate, buttered pastry, dried date and fig, raisin and orange citrus.

Outryder and Single Barrel are in stores in select US markets or online. The Barrel Strength is only available in-store in Wyoming, California, Colorado, Georgia and New York.

And Wyoming Whiskey teased the upcoming release of their 10 Year Anniversary Edition, which would hit shelves nationwide and online on Dec. 1st.

For more information, check out www.wyomingwhiskey.com.


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