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Woodford Reserve Unveils 2015 Edition Of Its Kentucky Derby Bourbon

By Nino Marchetti / March 27, 2015

woodford-derbyAs I was talking about the other day, with the annual running of the Kentucky Derby horse race coming up on May 2nd, it is not an uncommon practice in bourbon country to see distilleries lining up whiskies tied to this big event. We saw that with the ready to drink out of a bottle Old Forester Mint Julep, and now there’s also Woodford Reserve and its 2015 Kentucky Derby commemorative bottle.

Pricing around $44 when it releases at the beginning of April, the 1-liter Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby bottle has on it artwork from equine artist Carole Andreen-Harris. Here’s how the distillery describes this year’s release:

Harris’ main image on the bottle is bold and vibrant, featuring six horses with their jockeys in colorful silks rounding the first turn on their quest to win the big race. The historic Twin Spires are centered prominently in the background alongside an image of the packed stands of fans cheering them on to victory.

The neck band features a diamond pattern of light mint and Woodford Reserve’s signature copper color as well as the Kentucky Derby 141 date sealing the top of the commemorative bottle. A bottleneck tag provides consumers with details about the product and the artist.

One thing I find interesting in this whole thing is how Old Forester netted a deal with the Derby for its bourbon-cocktail in a bottle offering to be an “official drink” of the race, while at the same time Woodford Reserve has “been the ‘Official Bourbon of the Kentucky Derby’ for the past 17 years.” It probably helps they are both owned by Brown-Forman, I imagine. Maybe they need an official craft whiskey from someone on this list as well? While you ponder this, enjoy the Woodford Reserve video below about the bottling of their Derby bourbon.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EkWavIBRGc]