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Woodford Reserve 2015 Holiday Themed Bottle Is Quite Scenic

Woodford Reserve Holiday Bottle

Woodford Reserve celebrates the holiday season with the release of its 2015 holiday bottle. The limited edition Woodford Reserve holiday bottle features the artwork from Louisville, Kentucky, artist Thomas William Foerster. (image via Woodford Reserve)

It’s the holiday season now, if you hadn’t noticed already, and in bourbon country that means it is time for American whiskey and Santa to co-mingle. Woodford Reserve is getting a jump at the start of the countdown to the gift giving days, unveiling its 2015 holiday themed bourbon bottle featuring artwork from a Kentucky artist.

The one liter-size bourbon bottle, said Woodford Reserve, sports imagery from Louisville artist Thomas William Foerster. In his work a snow scene showcases

the middle of winter at the Woodford Reserve Distillery in Versailles, Kentucky. The impressionistic image features nine bourbon barrels resting on the barrel run in front of the distillery. Covered in a small amount of snow, the barrels are making their way to the warehouse where the bourbon will mature for several years. In the background, the sun is setting in hues of golden orange.

Foerster, for those unfamiliar with him, is self taught and has been painting in oil for nearly twenty-five years. His works focus primarily on “landscapes and cityscapes in a realistic style with a hint of impressionism. When painting, he aims to capture a realistic scene but still demonstrate vibrant brushwork and confident color choices.”

“Woodford Reserve is thrilled to collaborate with such a talented and experienced artist to showcase this beautiful scene from our distillery,” said Jason Kempf, Woodford Reserve brand director, in a statement. “His skillset for realistic landscape painting combined with his passion for impressionism makes his artwork picture perfect for the bottle.”

The holiday themed Woodford Reserve is hitting store shelves now for a price of around $44 a bottle.


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