Whiskey Review: Panther Distillery Saint Paul Rye Bourbon Whiskey

, , | December 23, 2016

Saint Paul Rye

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Panther Distillery, said to be the first legal whiskey distillery in Minnesota since Prohibition, was also one of the first to release a whiskey. While the distillery also produces gin and spiced rum, it considers whiskey to be its “number one.” Additionally, they have some of the first certified USDA Organic and Kosher offerings from Minnesota, good for the environmentally conscious drinker.

Saint Paul Rye Bourbon Whiskey is a high-rye bourbon that utilizes Minnesota’s natural geography and is distilled from locally sourced corn and rye before being aged for three years in American white oak barrels.

Released at 84 proof, I expected the Saint Paul Rye Bourbon Whiskey to be smooth. It goes down so easy, it feels well suited for the aspiring whiskey drinker. For the more experienced drinker, or whiskey connoisseur, you might find that Saint Paul’s overall flavoring is a bit muted. Though aged in oak barrels, you’ll find an overtone of oak hard to detect.

Tasting Notes: Panther Distillery Saint Paul Rye Bourbon Whiskey

Vital Stats: 84 proof. 42 percent alcohol by volume. Grains: corn and rye. Aged for three years in American white oak. Runs for $25 a 375ml bottle.

Appearance: Caramel with a cherry hue.

Nose: At first whiff, I’m hit with an overall wave of sweetness and notes of vanilla. As the whiskey sits I start to detect the aroma of rye.

Palate: The notes of vanilla in the nose follows in the flavors in the palate with just a hint of spice. There’s a little bit of smokiness as you drink. At 84 proof, the whiskey is very smooth going down. There’s heat in the finish that quickly dissipates off the tongue, without a lot of body or mouth feel.

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Final Thoughts & Score

Score: 75/100

This whiskey’s smooth palate makes it great for the novice whiskey drinker. While overall I found it pleasant to drink, I wouldn’t mind if it tasted a little stronger. The sweetness is the most dominating feature of this whiskey, making it difficult to discern if the smoothness is because the whiskey is well-balanced or simply light in flavor.

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