Whiskey Review: J.R. Revelry Bourbon

, | April 6, 2015

Editor’s Note: The whiskey from this review was provided to us by the company behind it as a product sample. No compensation was received by The Whiskey Wash for this review and no outside editorial influence occurred during the review process.

Peruvian born American Jesus Ricardo “Rick” Tapia has made his debut into American bourbon as part of his La Bodega International (LBI) Sprits Company. After years working for large distillers Tapia has placed special emphasis on building an all American bourbon brand called J.R. Revelry. To become a standout from the crowd, he made sure all components for this bourbon were 100% American made, including the bottle, box and label. The bourbon itself is sourced, made in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, in the old Seagram’s distillery before being bottled in Nashville.

At a suggested retail price of $35 per 750 ml bottle, this is affordable craft bourbon, made by a veteran of the distilled spirits field with more than a decade and half of experience in the industry and it shows. We previously had covered this whiskey when it debuted.

image copyright Tony Mazelin/The Whiskey Wash

image copyright Tony Mazelin/The Whiskey Wash

The official tasting notes for J.R. Revelry from those behind it are below:

Nose: Subtle, complex and clean, with a hint of vanilla and spice.
Taste: Fresh fruit and caramel with a hint of spices.
Finish: The smooth finish features more spices, fresh oak and a hint of smoke.

My findings were a bit different, but not by much:

Color: Golden amber.
Nose: alcohol, all spice, and vanilla.
Palate: spices, caramel, silk velvety feel.
Finish: spices, fruitcake, oak and slight smoke, and smoothness with wisps of pepper.

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Score: 84 points, a very good score and an exceptional value for the price.


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Tony Mazelin

I am by no means an expert of whiskey, but I feel I am well versed and definitely well exposed to drinking. I am specializing in bourbon and rye as my taste buds have pulled me that way. I have read a large amount on the subject and exposing myself...