Whiskey Review: C.W. Irwin Bourbon

, | November 3, 2015

C.W. Irwin Bourbon Oregon Spirit Distillers is an Oregon based distiller with a focus on making the best distilled spirits around, not just in Bend, Oregon where they are located.  OSD makes a nice array of spirits, and among them is a great bourbon that has a mashbill that’s an interesting four-grain mix of corn, wheat, rye and malted barley.

This whiskey is aged three years in new American oak barrels with a  #3 char after having first been distilled at 150% proof. It is later bottled at 80 proof.   Having won a Gold medal at the 2013 Bourbon Competition they have a winning combination here of bold flavors and refined finish.

Here are my tasting notes for the C.W. Irwin Bourbon:

Color- medium honey, golden and rich

Nose- leather, caramel, spice- all spice, pepper, vanilla

Palate- smooth, bite of heat and spice, butterscotch

Finish- finish is short to medium, pepper, leather, wood, vanilla

I give this bourbon a score of 88.  A very nice whiskey for $28.00.

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Tony Mazelin

I am by no means an expert of whiskey, but I feel I am well versed and definitely well exposed to drinking. I am specializing in bourbon and rye as my taste buds have pulled me that way. I have read a large amount on the subject and exposing myself...