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Whiskey Centric Olde Raleigh Distillery Coming Soon To North Carolina

Olde Raleigh Distillery is set to open in Zebulon, North Carolina soon as a craft-spirits distillery specializing in small-batch whisky blends. Still under construction, it hopes to guide some spotlight away from Kentucky and establish the Triangle region as a new destination for bourbon.

The distillery is planning a variety of cask-finished limited release whiskeys and a house-made heirloom bourbon. The family-owned distillery’s flagship brand, Olde Raleigh Whiskey Society, will also be introducing their signature blended bourbon that uses three diverse bourbons made from different grains. Once emptied, the bottle itself is a decanter that serves as a memento to store and serve other spirits.

Master Blender and Proprietor Brandon McCraney
Master Blender and Proprietor Brandon McCraney of Olde Raleigh Distillery (image via Olde Raleigh Distillery)

Master Blender and Proprietor Brandon McCraney has a deep rooted passion for the craft of whisky and has spent years immersing him in the spirits industry, amassing a collection featuring hundreds of different whiskeys. He also has led other whisky enthusiasts in master series classes.

“This has been a dream for a long time and I’m so proud my kids are seeing their dad grinding every day, pursuing his passion,” said McCraney in a prepared statement.

“That attention to detail combined with an admiration for and focus on the art and history of blending spirits is really what sets us apart. Everything we do is with purpose to create the best flavors and experiences for our guests.”

As the distillery is under construction, it is said to also be revitalizing Zebulon’s main street in a combined 10,400-square-foot building. The space will include a tasting room and bar, stills and production area, and storage for whisky barrels. In the large event space, which is also available to rent for private parties, McCraney will continue his master classes with offerings such as blending workshops, bourbon 101s, and meal pairings in partnership with regional chefs.

Lilly Lion

Lilly Lion is a freelance writer and film/video editor located in Portland, Oregon. She loves traveling, learning new languages, delicious craft drinks, and very fluffy dogs.

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