Weller Full Proof, C.Y.P.B. Annual Bourbon Releases Announced By Buffalo Trace

The Weller brand in Buffalo Trace’s portfolio holds a special place in the hearts of lovers of wheated bourbon fans. Now, for 2021, the popular Kentucky distillery has announced the release of the annual allocations of these two bottlings under the Weller line.

The 2021 releases of Weller Full Proof and “Craft Your Perfect Bourbon” (C.Y.P.B.), according to those behind them, are always big hits with Weller aficionados. It should therefore satisfy them to know that they can expect the same tasting notes for each in this year’s annual offering.

The Weller Full Proof Bourbon was first introduced in 2019.  Buffalo Trace Distillery fills its wheated bourbon barrels at 114 proof, hence the name Full Proof. This bourbon forgoes chill filtration to preserve all the naturally occurring residual oils and flavors. Suggested retail pricing is around $50.

Weller Full Proof

Weller Full Proof Bourbon (image via Buffalo Trace)

C.Y.P.B., meanwhile, is the result of an interactive activity called Craft Your Perfect Bourbon, where bourbon drinkers were asked to choose their ideal bourbon―the result being a wheated recipe bourbon aged for eight years and bottled at 95 proof. Suggested retail pricing is around $50 as well

The Weller Full Proof and C.Y.P.B. will be available later this month but quantities are limited.  Official tasting notes for each are as follows.

Weller Full Proof: Having a nose of vanilla, dark cherries and caramel. On the palate, there is a balance of caramel and toasted oak. The finish is said to be long, with notes of crème brûlée and chocolate.

C.Y.P.B.: A light aroma with citrus and oak on the nose. The palate is well rounded and balanced, with a medium-long finish and hints of vanilla.


Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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