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Uncle Boojie’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey Crafts A New Bourbon Release

Louisville-based Uncle Boojie’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey recently announced a new limited release of a 13-year-old bourbon, created by using what’s said to be the family’s 200-year-old secret mash recipe produced by Buzzard’s Roost in the mountains of old “Kentucke.”

According to official tasting notes, Single Barrel #1 is 123.3 proof with a nose of warm baked sugar, with baking spices following behind and southern sweet tea with a vanilla and white pepper finish. Single Barrel #2 is 100 proof with scents of scorched honey pot with notes of caramelized white oak woven within, followed by the taste of honey-kissed black tea with a caramel finish. Uncle Boojie’s Small Batch is 100 proof and tasting notes include vanilla bubble gum and molasses, rounded with a roasted pepper finish, with the subtle scent of campfire and fresh vanilla bean with a faint hint of brine.

As put forth in bourbon lore by the brand, in 1870 the first jugs of bourbon were shipped from the Ohio River ports. The decision to bottle bourbon was a matter of convenience for the consumer as jugs were more attractive and portable than barrels. Paying homage to the historical roots of the Kentucky bourbon industry and the role stoneware jugs played in the shipping and distribution of America’s Native Spirit, the new release comes bottled in classic stoneware jugs handcrafted at Stoneware & Co. – North America’s oldest and largest stoneware manufacturer and one of Kentucky’s oldest continuous operating small businesses.

Uncle Boojie’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Uncle Boojie’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey (image via Uncle Boojie’s)

“Uncle Boojie’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a project built on the fiery passion of my ancestors. Their ‘by any means’ way of life fueled every decision in crafting this first ‘legal’ run of artisan firewater,” Proprietor Steve Smith said in a prepared statement. “My family story begins as my sixth great-grandfather, Scotch-Irish by birth, arrived in ‘Kentucke’ in 1774 with some of the greatest frontiersmen who ever lived. In a constant fight with their fellow man over the essentials of survival, land and resources, each respectively traveled along the Appalachian Mountains and through the Cumberland Gap to cut the Wilderness Trail.

“My grandfather helped build Fort Harrod and unknowingly created the foundation of Kentucky as we know it today. As my grandfather made his journey along this wild terrain, he settled just west of the fort on a land of dense white oak and abundant in limestone-rich streams, called Cartwright’s Creek. This is where the story of Uncle Boojie’s begins.”

Sold online at, Uncle Boojie’s first release is extremely limited with Single Barrel #1 only available in a limited-edition crate containing all three jugs which sells for $497, plus shipping. Single Barrel #2 sells for $169 per jug plus shipping, and the Small Batch #1 sells for $139 per jug. Only 700 jugs total are available.

Allyson Nichols

Allyson is a recent journalism graduate from Kent State University with a strong passion for writing both entertainment articles and poetry. While spending time with friends, she discovered her love for Jameson through the classic pickleback shot and since then, it has been a staple for every night out. When she's not out with friends or writing, she enjoys curling up and watching horror movies with her cat Hermione.

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