Timberwolf Whiskey Launches Its Bourbon In The Pacific Northwest

| July 26, 2022

A new bourbon hails from the Pacific Northwest, Timberwolf Whiskey, which just launched for regional distribution.

Right now, Timberwolf Whiskey is available online at www.timberwolfwhiskey.com.

“Our first product was just bottled last month,” said Timberwolf Founder Rob Thomas. “Our first plan is to expand local distribution state-by-state across the country.”

Timberwolf Whiskey

Timberwolf Whiskey (image via Timberwolf Whiskey)

Timberwolf Whiskey is a 94-proof bourbon that Thomas described as having  a “distinctive, bold, peppery flavor for sipping straight or mixing. Being from the Pacific Northwest, our brand demographic is people who enjoy the outdoors, mountains and nature.”

In a statement from Timberwolf, the distiller noted that the whiskey is crafted in small batches and barrel-aged, and the whiskey’s mash bill is 60% corn, 35% rye and 5% barley.

“Obviously, being an aged bourbon, we do source barrels from other distillers,” Thomas noted.

The Vancouver-born Canadian techie came up with the idea for the new bourbon when he was on a road trip and “literally came up dry.”

“While road tripping through North American ski towns, I kept being disappointed at a culture that seemed to focus on cheap draught beer and cinnamon flavored whiskey shooters,” Thomas said. “Bourbon is my favorite whiskey to drink, and it was important to me that a new product would also be something that I would enjoy. We applied our passion for mountain sports and the outdoors to create a quality whiskey that can be enjoyed after a hard day’s work.”

After a few months of tinkering with the recipe, Thomas said he was determined to create a new bourbon for a market that’s already booming.

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“Bourbon remains a spirit that drives strong retail sales, especially in October, November, and December,” he said, citing BevAlc Insights’ bourbon forecast from last year. It’s a resource for data and insights about the beverage alcohol industry and growing e-commerce sector.

Timberwolf Whiskey clocks in at 47% ABV and has a suggested retail price of $64.95.


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