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Thrash Metal Band Anthrax Now Apparently Has Its Own Bourbon

indiansFans of the famous thrash metal band Anthrax likely have a special place in their hearts for the song Indians, noted as being one of the most popular tunes from this music group after its release in 1987. Now there is apparently a bourbon to go along with it, courtesy of a partnership between these thrash rockers and Jefferson’s Bourbon.

Known simply as Indians, this new bourbon is a limited edition release drawn from a single barrel said to have been personally chosen by the band that “will taste like no other due to its particular blend and the barrel it was aged in.”

“We’ve been wanting to come up with a special item like this,” said Frank Bello from Anthrax in a statement, “something that was unusual, one-of-a-kind, not a t-shirt or hoodie or poster, and ‘Indians’ was perfect.”

For now Indians bourbon looks to be available only through Atlantic City Bottle Company to US residents in select states. It can be ordered online through them for $100 ($75 if you visit them to pick it up), and includes as part of the package a signed piece of the stave of the barrel that the bourbon was aged in. Long Anthrax metal thrashing hair (see video below) from the late 1980s not included.


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