The Sidecar From Mixologist Jim Meehan Your New Favorite Bar Cart

Moore & Giles is a Virginia based leather goods company known for its high end leather bags and accessories. Jim Meehan is a highly regarded mixologist who is the author of The PDT Cocktail Book. One would imagine a collaboration between these two creative forces would result in something outstanding, which is definitely the case in what very well could be the ultimate bar cart.


Much like the B-bag traveling bartender’s bag we highlighted last week, the Sidecar is designed to be best in breed for those discerning mixologists and home cocktail experts with money to spend. It is a pricey piece of furniture, clocking in at $13,500, that’s handcrafted to exacting standards. Besides being used to make quality mixed drinks, it also serves “as a handsome hutch to showcase decanters or prized bottles; and is the ideal place to store bar tools and glassware”

I’ve embedded below for your consideration both a video describing this cart in more detail as well as a brochure on it. In a nutshell, the Sidecar has an aluminum frame encased in stained Virginia black walnut components and topped by a butcher block-like bar top “sealed to prevent stains, [that] has a shallow reservoir carved around its border to contain spills.”

[vimeo 111459191 w=700 h=393]

The Sidecar can hold up to six whiskey (or other spirits) bottles on each end, sports a leather-matted low cabinet with plenty of storage, comes with precision-turned casters fabricated for concert grand pianos to roll on and has plenty more bells and whistles to happily keep you making bourbon cocktails for some time to come.

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