The Mighty Pint A Mighty Cute DIY Whiskey Aging Barrel

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / December 11, 2015

Editor’s Note: As a matter of disclosure the author of this story is a backer of this crowdfunding project.

After posting the story earlier today about the OKA charred wood whiskey tumbler currently up on Kickstarter for crowdfunding support, I thought I would poke around to see what other interesting whiskey projects might be out there for you to get in early on. I thus stumbled across The Mighty Pint, a mighty cute, DIY mini barrel for whiskey aging which is different from others like it on the market in that you build part of it yourself.

Whereas most mini barrels, used to more rapidly age white whiskey compared to traditional size ones, come to you as already being put together, The Mighty Pint appears instead as a series of small white oak wood staves which are already charred. It seems easy to assemble, at least according to the video which is accompanying its support campaign (you can watch that below), and may appeal to those who want a little extra do it yourself build out for aging your own spirits at home.

The Mighty Pint

Also in the kit are two metal hoops, barrel bung stoppers and barrel ends. Once you put the whole thing together, you proceed much like you might when using other small barrels – add water to “hydrate” the barrel so the wood compresses to prevent leaks, drain the water, add the unaged whiskey (or something else), add a little water to cut it (optional), cork it and let it sit for at least two weeks (you can go longer if you like, but if you wait too long you may over wood the taste of your aged whiskey).

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The Mighty Pint

Now the project looks to already well have met its funding goal, but with a few days left on the clock there’s still a a chance to get in on being one of the first to back it. Those behind it, copper still makers Clawhammer Supply, have also said on their Facebook page that after the Kickstarter period ends they will be listing the barrels for sale on their website.

As for the actual size of the barrel, there’s no direct mention of it I could find in any materials. That being said, the title “The Mighty Pint” gives me the idea it is a pint in liquid holding capacity, or around 473 ml. This should be good enough for one 375 ml bottling per aging cycle.


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