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Texas Distillery Garrison Brothers Kicks Off Ambitious Single Barrel Bourbon Program

In the past we’ve talked about the sleeper whiskey distillery of Texas, Garrison Brothers. With the departure some months back of legendary craft whiskey distiller Chip Tate from Balcones Distilling, the field is wide open in the Lone Star State for top whiskey dog distillery. Garrison is making a strong case for being the leader of the pack, recently kicking off an ambitious single barrel bourbon program that will get its product in front of a lot more whiskey lovers across the country.

The new Garrison Brothers Single Barrel Bourbon is described as a three year old, 94 proof “big brother” to the distillery’s flagship Texas Straight Bourbon. Both are made from “organic Panhandle corn, soft red winter wheat, two-row malted barley and pure, clean Hill Country rainwater,” according to Garrison Brothers.


For the new single barrel bourbon program, Garrison Brothers pulled 342 15 gallon barrels from its inventory of aging whiskey (previously the single barrel bottlings were only available through the distillery’s gift shop). Each of these barrels, with their own unique taste profiles and flavor complexities, are expected to produce up to 81 bottles of bourbon which, at an average suggested price of around $110 a bottle, could net those who invest in one upwards of $8,900. This is at cost though, so likely what will happen is owners of specific barrels will push the per bottle price higher in order to make a nice padded profit.

Though the barrels are intended for first Texas retailers, followed later by retailers in other states where the bourbon is sold, the distillery is also looking for individuals with deep pockets who might want a special whiskey gift for themselves. A purchased barrel, be it by individual or organization, results in bottles with a customizable label.

“If a bourbon connoisseur wants to purchase a personalized gift for a special occasion, they can buy an entire barrel for themselves,” said distillery owner Dan Garrison in a statement. “All they have to do is place the order with their Liquor Store, and the distillery will contact the customer and arrange a barrel tasting day.”

How long this program will run for was not mentioned by Garrison Brothers, but it looks to be proving immensely popular already. Large national liquor store chain Total Wine & More, for example, recently ordered 100 barrels alone.


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